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Hi, I am about to buy a new PC and I want to use 2 monitors. I really like the display quality of iMac computers, I find the colors bright and sharp, and I was wondering if I could have the same result with a PC.

I basically use my PC for work (media/audio/video) and for gaming (WoW, SWTOR, Skyrim). I read that some LCD screens cannot show anything about 60FPS and I was really hoping I could find something above that, because I intend to buy a decent graphics card (GTX560ti) and 60 FPS sounds a bit "low" when I hear people claiming to get 85-100 FPS.

To sum it up: I'm looking for a monitor between 22"-24", thinking about 1920x1080 resolution, and able to show more than 60FPS. My budget is about 350 Euros for each screen (will buy it from
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  1. 60Hz is the standard refresh rate for the vast majority of LCD displays. When people say they get 85 to 100FPS, that is what their GPU can push out, but the monitor can only display 60FPS, so you get screen tearing unless you enable vsync. There are 120Hz displays out there, but they are mainly geared towards Stereoscopic 3D, giving you 60FPS per eye. I'm not sure if they can push out 120Hz in 2D mode.

    iMacs use IPS displays, which have better colour reproduction than the more typical TN panels, but they are generally a good deal more expensive. There are also no 120Hz IPS displays available right now, they generally only go up to 60Hz. You'll have to make the decision between higher refresh rates and better colour reproduction.
  2. lol you cant notice any frame rates above 30. as long as your card stays above that most people prefer up in the 60s w/e as long as it stays up there. more wont help.

    See if you can find those in your nearest store

    Mostly the refresh rate is fine, I usually don't care much about it.
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