Need more fan plugins.

Hey I recently bought an Antec case, here's a link
and I found that my fans do not plug into my motherboard except for 2. I was wondering if there is some type of extension I can buy to plug my fans in.

Heres my mobo

Heres my power supply

I heard from a friend that there is an extension which plugs into your power supply but other than that I don't have a clue how to look for it.

Thanks in advance. :hello:
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  1. First, why do you want to pug into the MB, is it for speed control?

    If you do want to plug into the motherboard, please not that 4 pin(molex style, not pwm) fans will not give you a speed reading as those tend to just have 2 wires(+/-).

    The adapter listed above is one of the BEST pwm splitters you can get, but I am not sure what you are looking for.

    That adapter gets power from the computer power supply, speed control from the motherboard and allows one of the 3 fans speeds to be monitored.

    I say it is a good adapter because many of those adapters actually connect both(or 3) fans speed sensing wire(yellow on most fans, green for Coolermaster blade master) together. That can cause misreadings of fan speed since the board sees the speed of 2 fans on 1 plug.

    The listed adapter will also allow you to run 3 fans at full speed(PWM or 3Pin) off the power supply if you do not connect the motherboard cable(or turn off speed control). You need PWM fans for speed control with that adapter.

    You may well be looking at something like this as well(if fan speed monitoring is not needed).It lets you use fans at 3 speeds(the 7 volt uses a resistor, that is safer for some power supplies). All 3 plugs can be used at once if you want as well.

    They make the same thing for just full speed. Its cheep but does not daisy chain well.

    I have used this and it works well(no speed sensing, but can run 2 full speed and 2 low speed).

    If for some reason you just need to run more 3 pin fans of the MB, you can use a y cable. This is the kind of issue with 2 yellow wires connected from both fans. For some it does not cause issues, for others it does.

    Hell for my 2 x 4 pin fans(Blade Master from Coolermaster) I just cut and soldered then the way I wanted. This gave me the option to have both fans run the same speed AND monitor both.

    In the end, i guess you have Antec 2 or 3 speed fans, those just plug into the power supply and set speed with a switch(back of the case). That is how I have always used them(on LOW).
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