Bottleneck for GTX 560ti?

What is the cheapest CPU that i can get that will NOT bottleneck a GTX560ti (none overclocked)
Ive looked at the 2500k, seems pretty expensive :P
if anyone knows what one is it, please reply, with a motherboard to go with it <3!!!
Also, what heatsink would be sufficent for this processor? :D
(my old thread got deleted :( so i lost all the heatsinks that you kind people sent me :3)
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  1. i3-2120 or Phenom II 965 would both be a decent pairing with a GTX 560 TI.

    Both of these CPUs come with Heatsinks, the i3 cannot be overclocked, thus there is no reason to buy an aftermarket Heatsink. The Phenom II 965 can be overclocked, however the stock heatsink is not adequate to go beyond 3.6-3.7ghz.

    i3 $125

    Motherboard- $90

    Phenom II 965- $110

    Motherboard- $95 with mail in rebate
    Heatsink (optional) $35
  2. :) thanks for the reply, i was really looking for a quad core, since i also do alot of 3d and 2d rendering and video encoding.
    so anything above the i3-2120 dual core is enough for the GTX 560ti? :D
  3. I've heard the fx series are good with video encoding but i'd still go for a cheaper core i5-2400/2300
  4. ok so any quad i5 will not bottleneck a gtx560ti?
  5. i5 2300 @2.8ghz actually benches lower than my Phenom II @ 4.0GHZ . I'd pay the extra bucks for the i5-2400 if you're gonna go that route... The i5-2400 is clocked at 3.1ghz.. the 2300s are kinda lousy and unimpressive cost/performance ratio.
  6. It doesn't take much to hold a single gtx 560 ti up but you will want a good quad core with good clocks if you want to get the most out of your card. Sadly that means an overclocked i5 or a phenom 2 x4/6. Bulldozer sucks for general use and gaming for what most people are still using computers for these days. Best thing you can do is either dig deep or save for later and buy something that will hold you out for a few years. If not 1080p or higher gaming this card will outlast its worth.
  7. Bulldozer is actually fine for general use. At least as I define it. Browsing, youtube, facebook, watching movies. At least thats my definition of "general use". You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a CPU made in the last 2 years that sucks for doing that. But gaming, yea... CPU intensive games will take a hit with Bulldozer.
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