Replacing the cooling on an Antec P180 with Enermax TB Silence UCTB12P

Hey all, I just tossed a new system into my old Antec P180 chassis and am looking to keep it cool and quiet. The case has two 3 speed manual switch 180mm fans on the top and back which I would like to replace with a pair of variable speed Enermax TB Silence UCTB12Ps. I am not an overclocker so I am more interested in quiet than hyper cooling.

So my question is...
Is there a way to match the pin leads on the Enermax fans to the switch on the case, or maybe better can I use the motherboard connectors and skip the switch all together?

The motherboard is a ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3:
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  1. on slow they are already very quiet, don't expect too much from new fans, maybe a bit more air moved at the same level?
  2. Exactly. The Enermax fans are a little quieter and I expect move more air. I already have them, so, I am hoping I could use them.
  3. if they are three pin fans then connect them to the mobo.
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