No picture on screen.

I was using my PC fine, i havent changed the set up for a good few weeks and was running

this gpu:

on this mobo:

It was running fine. i wasnt doing anyhitng power demanding like gaming etc i was only on facebook when the picture shook and flashed and the sound buzzed and shook etc. it flashed on and off the off.... and stayed off.

Does anyone know whats gone wrong please?

I have tried re inserting the card and power connector but have had nothing....\

Thanks in advance.


=] =] =]
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  1. Is the computer booting, you just can't see anything on the screen?

    One of 3 things happened, your monitor went, your power supply went, or your video card went.

    Try another monitor.
  2. are they the only three possabilites. *cries*
  3. or how can i test my mobo/gpu
  5. i dont have another monitor. and i cant hook it up to tv either coz thers not hdmi. how else can i test it? sorry if im being stupid here!! thanks for patience
  6. geekapproved said:

    No need to shout.
  7. Mousemonkey said:
    No need to shout.

    do u know how to test any of these 3 things mr moderator?
  8. I would suspect the PSU first, have you checked it and all connections? Does it smell funky?
  9. its absolutely fine i think. only because fans and whatnot are running fully. its a 650w cosair modular one too so it should be ok! pahahahaha. no funny smells or what not.
  10. OK, does the PC boot up? I know you're not getting a picture but do all the fans spin?
  11. I asked him to try another monitor which is the obvious first thing to do to narrow down the 3 possibilities and he asked about testing gpu/mobo, that is why I shouted.
  12. Your motherboard has onboard graphics, have you tried the monitor on the motherboard video port?
  13. I have no other monitor to test on. The onboard graphics don't but have neever worked and I don't get any picture. at all.can't get to BIOS or anything

    thanks guys
  14. Ok well if you can't barrow a monitor to test, your onboard video doesn't work, and you don't have a spare psu to try, then your out of luck.

    I guess you'll have to take it somewhere to have it checked.
  15. Where could i take it. should i put a post out on here asking if someone in the UK would test it for me ?
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