OCZ Power Supply Dead?

I'm currently in the process of building a new computer. Today I received my power supply, and now it's not working. The power supply is an OCZ GameXStream 700W.

I haven't got my memory or CPU yet, but I wanted to test the power supply, just to make sure it worked like they said. I did the paperclip trick by shorting the green wire to the black wire. Powered up just fine. However, when I tried it a second time, I accidentally touched the green wire to the blue wire. Now, I'm getting no response. When I try to power it on (with the right wires this time), it takes about 10 seconds to start, flickers on for a second, then I can see the LEDs on the fan fade. I got this off eBay and there was no return policy.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Warranty is also expired, plus I opened the case. (Nothing looks burnt inside the power supply).

This isn't my first build or anything, just wasn't paying attention, I guess. :??:
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  1. Well I do not think there is anything you can do to fix it.
  2. Well, I've figured out that the "flicking" on then back off thing happens regardless of the paperclip. I guess I'll look for another power supply. Never going to try the paperclip again, though..
    What sucks is that this is actually the second one. The first one came damaged. (Not my fault, the inductor coil broke off and was rattling inside from the time I got it.)
  3. Sorry i can't give any detailed technical advice apart from that pin was for the -12v rail. Not sure what that would do. Id say leave it overnight and hope for the best.

    That testing method is not 100% recommended either. I have used it to set up a couple of water cooling loops using cheap PSU's and nothing has ever gone wrong but some dont like being powered up without load on the other rails.

    Hope all goes well for you.
  4. You could try seeing if it still works by putting a light load, like a fan or something on a connector and see if it works but i wouldn't recommend connecting it to your motherboard.
  5. I'll try letting it sit over night.
    I've already trying plugging it into an older computer and I got nothing, except for standby power.
    If it's still not working when I get my RAM and CPU, I'll have to get another, I guess.

    Thanks for your suggestions and quick responses. :)
  6. Well since you have voided any chance of their being a warranty you could pull it out of the case and test it with a multimeter in hope of hunting down the failed circuit or component. Be sure that it is fully drained before handling it by hooking it up to a board so that the caps are fully discharged.
  7. I think that there are better brands besides OCZ Game X Stream. Heard that their warranty is a hit or miss. Wouldn't touch their SSDs.

  8. Well, the OCZ power supply is definitely dead. I'm looking at this one now.

    Will 600 watts be enough to run this system?:

    ASUS P8P67 Pro Motherboard
    Core i3-2100 (will upgrade to Core i7-2600K eventually, just can't afford right now)
    16GB DDR3 10600 RAM (4x4GB)
    750 Seagate Barracuda - 7200 RPM, SATA
    250 Seagate Barracuda - 7200 RPM, SATA
    SATA Optical Drive (Haven't selected specific one yet)
    ATI Radeon X550 (will upgrade to Radeon HD 6670 when I can afford it)
    PCI-E HDTV Tuner (Haven't selected specific one yet)
    x2 80mm case fans
    x1 120mm case fan

    I won't be using SLI or Crossfire or watercooling. How much room do I have to work with as far as watts is concerned? Does this system, including planned upgrades, have room for further upgrades, or will I need more power. I've tried MANY power supply calculators and have seen results from 194 watts to 1200+. Neither one of those extremes sound right.
  9. A good quality 450-500 watt PS would be sufficient if you are not overclocking or upgrading to a higher end graphics card (HD 6670 works on some 300 watt PS). Get a 550+ watt PS if you want to be very conservative.

    XFX Core Edition 450 watt Pro Series (Seasonic) is 80 Plus Bronze certified and is $43 after rebate. 550 watt model is $70.

    Corsair TX650V2 with a 8GB flash drive for $58 after rebate is one of that caught my eye. It's a Seasonic. 80 Plus Bronze certified.

    There is a 520 watt Seasonic M12II Bronze for $60 at Newegg.com 80 Plus Bronze certified.

  10. Thanks, I think I'll go with the Corsair TX650V2. Seems like a pretty good deal.
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