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I have the above board with an 15 760 chip and i want to upgrade the GPU from a ati 5570 . what do you sugest? i am still debating wether to use the crossfire/sli or just get one decent card , but i would appreciate some ideas especialy if you have a similar set up and have a good card fitted
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  1. You forgot the two most important factors......what is your budget and what is the make and model of your power supply?
  2. sorry about that im a newbee should have spent more time on this with reflection, budget is about 150 or 300 US give or take 50 depending on what you think....and its a 500w power supply name escapes me i would have to take a look if thats needed i can get back to you on that
  3. psu says win power sl-8500btx
  4. i would probably get one or add another 5570 if thats the way to go within a week or two once i have an idea what to get.... its a new rig to me and its like new , it was hardly used , the lad i bought it from reckoned thats all that would be worth upgrading
    as the memory and cpu is fine , so once i get a new gpu i can look at games next
    Thats the theory i think
    The only prob that i have with it is the cpu cooler is loud , its a zalman cnps800a its a shame it deserves better , i would like to change that aswell but im unsure of what to get and the risks of damaging the chip or mobo, so i think its safer to start with the gpu, thanks for your help i appreciate it
  5. That psu is crap, probably really 300w.

    So your budget is 150 or 300 give or take 50.....?? That makes no sense whatsoever, so really you mean somewhere between 100 and 350?
  6. ye sorry i was on about pounds and dollars 150 pounds or 300 dollars , but if it was worth it i would go to 200 pounds
  7. ok so do you think i should get a new psu as well, i did wonder that so i could get a new one if you have any ideas, i would spend around 50 or so if that enough
  8. i could send pics if thats alloud on here and its got that option
  9. It's allowed.

    Yes you'll need a new psu.

    Check this guide:
  10. Thats interesting, maybe this is a good opportunity to take a time out and pick up a decent power supply and come back later for a gpu, i was having a look at them yesterday after i spoke to you, and i liked the sound of the seasonics 520w but im unsure whats best for my mobo, and is that one a bit overpriced due to the name?
    Any suggestions? also how do i go about sending the pic to show you? is it through my profile?

    Thanks for that geekapp
  11. Seasonic's are excellent, but pricey.

    Seasonic also makes some Antec, Corsair and all XFX psu's, and you can usually pick them up cheaper.

  12. sounds good and a bit cheaper , always a bonus , i will get the 550w one if thats ok , its on amazon here in uk for 50 thats 20 cheaper than the seasonic one. i can get that ordered if its ok and get back once its time for a card.

    Appreciate that its given me some things to think about, Thanks
  13. There is this one also on the same page , for 4 bucks more would it be a better choice?

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-CMPSU-600CXV2UK-Builder-Power- Supply/dp/B0050AFU46/ref=cm_cr_pr_sims_t

  14. sorry about that i was tryin to send pic, never mind i will catch up with you later , thanks for the help
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