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b) First National Bank’s president congratulates you on quickly solving the problem. She then shares the information that she’s about to make an offer to buy Monroe other bank, Metropolitan Savings. She’s worried that the two banks’ networks won’t integrate easily. She isn’t sure what kinds of severs or workstations are used by the other bank, but Metropolitan Savings’ manager mentioned something about a network that relies on the Internet. What can you tell her about integrating the two systems? What protocols would you recommend that she use or continue to use to facilitate the integration process? (10 marks)
c) Six months later, First National Bank has successfully consolidated the networks at its original location and at its new acquisition. Business is booming, and the bank is investigating the possibility of allowing customers to check their account balances from the Web. However, the bank’s president tells you the bank doesn’t have its own connection to the Internet at this time. She understands that she needs to obtain IP addresses for all of her machines. But, she says, they are already using IP addresses internally and they work well without having to pay ICANN for new IP addresses.
Would you recommend leaving the bank’s IP addressing as is or changing it? How do you suggest that the bank obtain Internet access? What concerns would you bring up with regard to allowing customers access to their account information off the Web? How might Internet access affect the ban’s internal LAN?
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  1. Don't you have class notes and textbooks for this?
  2. You know i wouldn't mind helping someone with their hw, but this is a blind drive by attempt to get someone to do the work.
  3. Do your own work, how else will you learn?
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