System made a pop noise and released smoke and graphics card is no longer detect

Just turned my PC on and loud pop and quite a bit of smoke came out from the top exhaust. Instantly i turned it off and unplugged everything

Eventually i found the only non working part was the graphics card which is a Powercolor Radeon HD 6850 which if inserted into the pcie slot will power up the fan

After an hour or so i was able to get the onboard graphics working (it kept booting into an out of range resolution) and the card is no longer detected under device manager

I would open up the card to see if it is actually dead but the warranty is still there

Phenom 1090T OCed 3.6GHz
Radeon 3000 (onboard)
Radeon HD 6850 (dead???)
Asus M5A78L-M Mobo
Corsair TX650 (650W)
Win 7 64bit
All bought in september 2011 and warranties still intact
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  1. was this a brand new comp that had never booted b4?
  2. could be one of the 12volt rails on your psu if its not ur video card try ur gpu in another computer
  3. Okay, this is from an owner of a 3million per annual sales small business, and your situation is completely unacceptable. Here's what I do and have done...

    Save important files.
    Take the whole computer back (in good condition) to the seller with one or two "respectible" looking and acting friends or elders.
    Be ASSertive but polite.
    Demand it be fixed asap, replaced, or a store credit be issued for another.
    Do NOT agree to send it to the manufacturer for warranty. Your "contract" is between you and the seller; Their contract is with the manufacturer. If an item they agreed to sell breaks that's their problem, and if they don't want to deal with warranty returns then they should be more selective of whose products they sell.
    Remember: The seller advertised the warranty to sell the item, therefore they accept that returns will occur and are willing to accept that risk and cost.
    Make the reseller earn their profits.
  4. thanks for the info, this isnt brand new, its quite a few months old but the warranty still works
  5. A pop and smoke is almost always the power supply. Unless you just recently connected something, and somehow did it wrong and caused a short.

    If I had to guess, your video card is getting enough power from the motherboard slot to half turn on and power the fans, but it's not getting enough from the 6pin plug on the 12V rail because your PSU is messed up. If you're lucky, the power supply just blew itself up and didn't take anything else with it.

    Try that card in another system to see if it still works. And get a different PSU before you try anything with your current system.

    Overall, I'd call you pretty unlucky so far if that power supply blew up. Brand new + not being overly stressed + Corasir brand with Seasonic as the OEM ... usually I'd expect better than that.
  6. then i guess ill have to wait a few weeks since the only other computers i could use to test are at school, i am pretty sure my schools IT dept wont mind me trying to see if it works
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