Is this CPU USED or not !?

Sorry for my English.

I ordered BOXed Core-i5-3550 last week.
I thought this is new CPU, not USED one.

But it have 1 or 2 scratch(or dent) on each GOLD dot on the grid.

If this is not USED, how it gets scratched ?

here is a picture I took with mobile-phone.

So, This CPU is vergin or not ?
Should I send back this CPU, Seriously ?
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  1. Its meant to be like that, i think so that the pins on the motherboard don't slip, if it was used then the seal would be broken on the box and the heatsink would probably come without thermal paste.

    Was the seal broken?
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    Intel tests these before they leave the factory so I don't think marks on the contacts would be a sign of a used CPU.
  3. thx, mates.

    I can start building my new system.
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