Is this a good idea?

So I’m thinking of chopping up my CM storm enforcer case so that I can fit a 200mm radiator and another 200mm fan at the front of my case and then I was thinking about putting a double 5" drive bay reservoir above it and so on, it will involve removing the hard drive bays and maybe removing one of the 5" bays, then i can move the hard drive cage towards the PSU and once that is done I am thinking about putting a false floor in covered in carbon fibre vinyl sheet.

Do you guys think that it will be a good idea or not?

Also what are the best tools for the job? i was thinking a dremel but i can get hold of most tools no problem.

This will be my first case mod but it shouldn’t be a problem because it’s a fairly simple case mod and I’m pretty good with my hands.

**im not sure if this is the right place to post, please correct me if it isnt**

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  1. Its your case, and the sky is the limit. As far as whether its a good idea or not, I cannot say, as the main determining factor is your skills as an artisan.
  2. why don't you mount the stuff on the back of the case ( outside ) ? or maybe even on the top ?
  3. im limited for space and imo it would look a little ugly.
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