D975XBX2 can't get new PSU to work with board


my old psu finally went kerplunk. I built this pc about 4 or 5 years ago. I'm sure it's the psu because the old one still works for a little while until it heats up and craps out.

So, I went and purchased a nice new dynex unit with more wattage. However, I'm having trouble making it work with the motherboard. When I plug all of the cables in, and turn it on, everything seems to work. I get cpu fan, video card, no beeping for memory etc.. The computer does not load up, though, and I get no signal to the monitor.
There are also 2 red leds lit up on the board. one on the top that says "vr led," and one towards the back that says "cpu led." When i reinstall the old psu properly, the lights are not on and the pc works (until the unit heats up of course and shuts down)

At this point i even tried getting yet another psu just in case the new one was bad and the same lights are on.

So, it appears we are either having some compatibility issues, or power cable issues. the only difference I noticed with the cables is that the new power supplies don't have an 8 pin connector for the 8 pin slot on the board. However, there is a 4 pin connector that fits. What is annoying is that the new psu's come with built in cables whereas my old one had 6 slots in the back where you could choose what cables you wanted. If only the new ones had that, i would just swap the cables over to the new unit. I even looked for my old psu online but it is nowhere to be found.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide
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    Needs an 8 pin , even if it's just a 4 to 8 adapter
  2. ok. I thought that might be the issue since it seems to be the only variable. I did look that up online earlier and read somewhere that the 4 was fine, but I guess you can't believe everything you read. I'll order an adapter if you are certain that this is an issue.
  3. A lot of boards that have an 8pin eps connector and if they don't have the right power supply they simply won't post and worse some boards won't work with certain supplies. Got an 780i that is that way and yours wouldn't surprise me at all. So I suggest that you return this unit and go hunt down something else but don't cheap out either by going with a generic. Get quality and don't look back. Tired of seeing so many builds with dead or dying power supplies.
  4. Did you save your boxes, adapter should have been in it
  5. thanks for the replies.

    there were no adapters in the boxes, so I ordered one. I'll give it another shot on monday
  6. I happened to find an adapter with some old cables i had and it worked! thanks again
  7. uh oh...

    It started up and shut down again after 5 minutes and won't start. This is with the new power supply. Looks like that may have not been the problem.

    is my CPU fried and shutting down to prevent an overheat? Or is it the board?
  8. No, your cpu isn't fried. Why do people always say that? A dead cpu wouldn't even post and no beep or error codes at all. Chances are that the new power supply might not be good enough that it to has a problem or there is an issue with the board. Did you by any chance removed the cooler and didn't replace the thermal compound?
  9. nevermind. it was just a loose connection.

    Started it up again and it works. I should be good now, lol
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