looking to run sli/xfire on my new rig. was going to go with the 2gb 6950 but cant see myself forking out $300 bucks right after i bought a cpu.. im not wanting to spend more than $150 on a gpu but it can go over if its worth it. open to both amd/nvidia but rather stay with amd. please post all suggestions! i dont game, i just run alot of high application/render/photo/video edit! if anyone needs more info please ask!

current system:
gigabyte ud3 990fxa mobo
16gb 1600 ram
(in route) amd 8120 8core cpu
amd thermaltake edition
asus optical drive
750w corsair psu
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  1. For what you are doing and no gaming a single HD6670 would do the job. Check your apps though they might benefit from Nvidia's Cuda cores.
  2. well i forgot to add, i wanna run atleast 3 monitors when im finished.

    i was looking at this one, buy one now so i can get my computer up and running and then later on add a second one.
  4. It is fine but an overkill!
  5. whats a good nvidia gpu that i can run xfire for under $300 bucks for both?
  6. Nvidia = SLI GTX550Ti
  7. but the GPU i linked earlier would be good? would a single one play most modern games like mw3 and battlefield 3? ill be buying one now and one later.
  8. The one you linked to will do well at 1680 x 1050 resolution in gaming for full HD (1080P) I would say a step higher at min like this HD6850
  9. that would be a better card? never heard of anything from the HIS brand before, i have a SLI bridge thing for dual cards, do they come with these or will i have to buy one?
  10. nevermind stupid questions. got it! prolly going to order that one
    thanks man
  11. If you are more comfortable with another brand
    Some of the cards come with crossfire bridges and some don't you will have to check what is included!
    Here you can check gaming performance of cards
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