I5 2320 or i5 2400

Which is better, the 2320 or 2400. In my case there is a few price difference that doesn't matter. I just need to know which one is a good performer and value for money.
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  1. i5-2400 is definitely worth the extra ~$5 IMO.

    For another ~$5 more, you can also consider the i5-3450 if your motherboard supports Ivy Bridge CPUs for another 5-8% performance boost over i5-2400 and ~18W lower power requirement.
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    The i5-2320 has a stock speed of 3.0 ghz and the i5-2400 has a stock speed of 3.1 ghz so that makes the 2400 just a bit faster with the stock speed. So with all of the other spec's being the same including the price the edge has to go to the 2400.
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