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Computer freezes not sure if graphics card

I recently added a HD4350 to my old build a week or two ago so I could watch HD video and play some older games. When I first installed it everything was going fine, no problems. Watched videos for hours.

Then a day or two ago the computer started giving me trouble. I'm not sure if its the graphics card, power supply, overheating or if the computer stops after a heavy load.
Windows just freezes and I can only move my usb mouse. PS/2 Keyboard dies, pressing on caps lock doesn't turn on the light. The only way I can fix it is by turning off the computer and restarting. But it does it again after a few minutes or hours. When I turn it back on it shows the Active Desktop Recovery white page on my background. I've ran spybot, malwarebytes, avast virus and malware scans on this computer and nothing malicious comes up.

I can play games just fine, but when I just browse the internet, watch videos, or stress the computer alot it will lock up. Just not sure what is causing it.

The computer is a Compaq Sr1603wm
Thermaltake TR2 430w PSU ( i've just recently found out that this isn't really 430w, but I chose the graphics card that would have less power draw)
Sempron 3200+ 1.8 GHz
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    It used to happen to an HP computer with also sempron. what it causes is overheating on the VRM side, it heats to the point "freeze" the whole machine. but it was my case. Did you already check that components on the board are warm but not burning temperature when it happens "freeze"?
    Also I forgot to mention that Hp pc didn't have any possible solution. and went to trash..
  2. I used a hardware monitor and it shows the AMD Sempron temperature as normally 39-40°c
    GPU stays steady at 49-50°c, it shows that it goes up to 55-60 max when playing games

    When I downloaded speedfan my rpm was 2200 or so, but as soon as I opened the program it doubled and was at 4950rpm. The temperatures were going down, but the fan was too loud, and I'm not sure if a stock fan going that fast is any good.

    I only have 1 fan which is on top of the cpu, and the fan that is on the video card. I tried just leaving the case open to get have more air around, but it still froze up on me.
  3. I think I narrowed it down. That I know of it has only affected when watching youtube videos. If I enable hardware acceleration on the video the computer freezes, but if I take it off no problems.

    The down side to it is that it uses up tp 100% cpu when watching videos now.
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