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I have a motherboard with a 24 pin power connector. My old PSU was stock in a Pavilion. And it onlt was a 20 pin, with a seperate 4 pin 12v connector for the CPU. Do i not need the extra 4 pins on a PSU to power the board properly? It's running fine so far for over a year, I bought a new Antec PSU and it is a 20 pin connector, still running fine. Is the 24 pin PSU connector optional on a 24 pin mobo power socket? It's confusing and don't want to fry anything.
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  1. Disregard. I went ahead and plugged it in, figured it wouldn't be there if it wasn't necessary.
  2. Sometimes the power supply will have the MB power cable with a 20 pin and an optional 4 pin that you can attach to it if needed.
  3. Dang, nice rig man.
  4. Thnk you , I did a loy of mod work on the case.
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