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Hello everyone,

I plan on building a gaming PC this summer, and I'm pretty knowledgeable about the subject. One thing has been puzzling me though:

While looking through LGA 1155 motherboard on Newegg (Great site!), I found an oddity. The following motherboard is listed to support Sandy Bridge Celerons/Pentiums/i3s/i5s/i7s

However, another motherboard with the same exact socket is listed as only supporting i3s/i5s/i7s:

So my question is, is it possible to have two motherboards with the same exact socket, but not support the same CPUs? Up to this point, I believed any LGA 1155 CPU would work with any LGA 1155 motherboard, but now I'm confused :o .

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  1. It is possible for 2 motherboards with the same socket to not support the same CPUs, this can depend on BIOS versions, and Chipsets. Although, it may not be accurate info on Newegg, you're best bet is to check the manufacturer's website too for detailed specs before making a purchase.

    Additionally, the board may indeed support CPUs not mentioned on the manufacturers website, but not supported "officially" by the board manufacturer.

    One thing I'd like to let you know though, both of those mobos are very low end quality, with terrible customer reviews and old H61 chipsets, and I wouldn't use either one even in a budget system.
  2. If your not upgrading until Summer, I wait for another month and hopefully ivy bridge motherboards will start showing up (if not already). I also agree with nekulturny, don't buy a cheap motherboard.
  3. Thanks guys, I didn't intend on buying these motherboards anyways. I do however intend on buying this one!:

    Thanks for the advice.
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