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Best Single Card For Gaming?

As the title says I am looking for the Best Single Card I can get right now. I looked over some of the charts from what i see the 6990 is pretty beast.. but I can't find it anywhere. I am not concerned with price, I just want the best card I can get for my system.

I have an i7 950
Win 7 64 bit
12 gigs of 1600 Ram
1000w power supply

I will be gaming on a 1080p 24inch Sceptre, I have another monitor that I use as well.

If you could also point me in the direction to purchase said card would be awesome of you aswell.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. For most games, the GTX 590 would be the top card. Good luck finding it though. The 6990 is also very good. And the new 7970 is also good, though not as good as the other two. It overclocks like a beast though.

    Here's a nice list of them on amazon, keep in mind though.. amazon's prices tend to not be the best.
  2. Well if you can't find a 6990, then a GTX 590 or a HD 7970 would be the best. Anandtech has a nice comparison tool.
  3. The best single GPU card out right now is the Radeon HD 7970, followed by the GTX 580. They sit at around the 500 dollar mark, though the 7970 being new is probably a bit more expensive right now.

    For dual GPU cards there is the Radeon HD 6990 and the GTX 590, they cost around 750 dollars, though they are somewhat hard to find, especially the 6990, the production run on these cards was limited. These are more powerful than any single GPU card, but they have considerably higher power requirements, and you have to worry about issues with SLI or Crossfire. SLI and Crossfire don't always work properly with every game, especially when a title is just released. That leaves you with only about half the power of your dual GPU card available while you wait for a game patch or driver fix to resolve any SLI or Crossfire problems.

    New, even more powerful dual GPU cards will be coming out in the near future, so you may want to wait if you want to go in that direction. You could also look at getting two cards and running them in SLI or Crossfire, that option is probably the best bang for your buck. 2 6950s or 560Tis will get you similar performance to a 6990 or 590, but cost you about 200 dollars less.

    It would help to know more about what power supply you have. A brand and model number would help. If it is a very poor quality 1000 Watt PSU like a Coolmax, I wouldn't trust it with a dual GPU card or dual video card setup.
  4. The GTX 590 is what some would say is two underclocked 570's same with the 6990's. I would look into what Supernova is telling you. The 7970 or the GTX 580 for the gaming you want to do. I believe you want one card for gaming. first pick HD 7970 and the second pick the GTX 580. Good luck to you
  5. quad sli mars II's
  6. oops forgot about the "single card" part. yeah... go with a mars II if you can get your hands on one :) have fun... there are only 999 in the world
  7. Why not sli or cf?
  8. get 2 7950s or 7970s.
  9. Well im running sli 570's right now.. and the FPS blows, no games I play i guess gain anything from sli... to me SLI is a waste of money.. Havent ran into a game yet that requires it... Crysis 2... no support one card ran it fine... BF3 ran like *** for my 2 570's.... I have a good system and a decent cpu... SLI is in my opinion just for Benchmarking but when it comes to putting sli to the test in gaming it falls short. So no more SLI or Cross fire for me ever... single cards only.
  10. 6990 and 590 = crossfire/sli
  11. do games still treat them the same as sli and crossfire? I know that they are dual GPU's but I didn't think they had the same problems as SLI. IF that is the case the 7970 is not considered crossfire is it?
  12. 590 is 2 580s, not 2 570s. It comes in either 1.5gb or 3gb on the 580, the 570 is 1280mb or 2560 mb. Same number of processing cores as the 580x2. Best single GPU card hands down is the 7970, altho the 600 series comes out next month or month after.
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    navyorion said:
    do games still treat them the same as sli and crossfire? I know that they are dual GPU's but I didn't think they had the same problems as SLI. IF that is the case the 7970 is not considered crossfire is it?

    Dual GPU cards are treated as two GPUs in SLI or Crossfire, they are simply both situated on one card rather than two cards. You get similar issues over whether games or drivers work properly with them. If you don't want to worry about those problems, the 7970 is the best single GPU card you can get right now. Nvidia is preparing to launch their new 600 series cards, but those are still at least a couple of months away. Whether or not you want to wait is up to you.
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  15. Thank you all for the replies, I am a gamer so I am impatient... so i'll be buying the 7970 tomorrow. Anyone want to buy two like new EVGA Gtx 570's? :)
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