No Signal Input; Keyboard won't work


I hope you all can help me. I replaced a CPU stock cooler (replaced Intel heat sink/cooler with corsair h80) and now my computer won't post, the keyboard will flash on then off and I get the 'no signal input check video cable' message on my monitor. Everything else works fine! I put this thing together from scratch at least 7 times over the last 2 days and I am los.t I even put the old Intel stock cooler back in and got nothing.


P6X58D Premium motherboard
Hanns-G monitor
i7920 CPU
ATI Radeon Sapphire 5850
G-Skill DDR3-1600
Corsair TX750W power supply
Corsair h80 hydro cpu cooler
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  1. I did read the sticky at the top of the forums about this issue. Still nothing has changed and I am stuck. I don't want to take this to Geek Squad if it's something simple.
  2. Callalily said:
    Everything else works fine!

    What does that mean? Do you hear a single short beep (if you have a case speaker installed) as your system completes the POST?

    No beep, everything is not working fine.

    Do you get a "TaaDaa" sound when Windows finishes booting (assuming you had it before)?

    If no "TaaDaa", everything is not working fine. If "TaaDaa", test the video card in another system.

    Review this thread for reminders of what should be connected where:
  3. jsc,

    I stated in my post that that the computer didn't post. I was being sarcastic after listing a litany of problems. I have to remember that online that sarcasm doesn't always translate well. Sorry.

    I don't know if Windows (yes I have Windows 7) finishes booting. I stated previously that I get a 'no signal input check video cable message'. So I can't see anything.

    Regarding that link, I saw that thread and some other threads about that. I stated previously that I've taken this thing apart and put it together numerous times, that's why I need help. Obviously I have missed something.

    The fan on the video card spins, yet it doesn't show output on the monitor.

  4. Bump

    I tried a new motherboard; same problem. Would it be a good idea to try a new PSU?
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