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Hello. I have to start off by saying although I am fairly versed in the PC segment, networking is still a bit new to me. I am currently running Tomato on a wrt54gl. I really would like gigabit lan to facilitate transferring very large files from my media center PC to my main PC. I have as of yet been unable to find a decent router in the range of 50-70 that can handle 3rd party software, and operate reliably for...pretty much a long time. I would like to stick with my wrt54gl, but add a gigabit switch as an addition. I currently have WOL set up through the Linksys. I am completely unread on switches and I am having trouble finding an answer to my question. If I set up my network to modem>wrt54gl>new switch>PC, am I going to have a problem with my router sending the magic packet to wake up my media PC? I am using a work around script in tomato I found to use WOL as the wrt54gl cant forward to a broadcast address.

*lost* Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, any reading material you may know of that would increase my understanding of networking would be appreciated. As well as any suggestions for $40 or less gigabit switches would be awesome.
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    Yeah, I had looked at that router actually. From the reviews a lot of people said they had the same problem with it I was worried about. After awhile it starts needing reboots. Also, the 3rd party firmware support on it are only from the website they provide. You can't use the newest version of dd-wrt or tomato, only the versions that they provide. Which are mostly buggy. It amazes me how long the design for the wrt54 routers has been around...and it still seems to be one of the best. I appreciate the help, I still need to learn more about networking. I am just happy that I wont have to trouble shoot any problems after hooking up a switch.
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