Which CPU would be better?

I currently have an AMD Phenom 9500 paired with a HD 6670 DDR3.

Would I get better FPS in games with my current CPU, or with a Athlon II X3 450. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103886)

Thanks for taking the time to read my little question, and I hope someone out there can answer it. :) :D
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  1. Sorry to rain on your day but Phenom 1 era machines are not usually compatible with Phenom 2 unless your board supports it. If the board is AM2+ then getting a phenom 2 quad isn't going to be a problem. As for the athlon 2 x3/4 it isn't the best bang for buck for an amd system. The L3 cache sometimes gives it a little boost in gaming.
  2. I can't really afford a Phenom II, what would be the best option under 100$ for an AMD board.
  3. Have you tried overclocking the cpu that you currently have , sometimes the overclock will give you the performance boost your looking for. Since your locked into the AM2 socket motherboard the overclock is your only option outside of getting a new motherboard.
  4. But my motherboard can handle AM3 cpu's. And my motherboard is very low end, so no overclocking for me.
  5. Those boards do not come with anything else but the board and they are refurbs, I have bad luck with refurbs.
  6. You can get a phenom II 945 these days for <100 bucks. They are not unlocked, but can be easily overclocked to 3.3 on stock voltages, and 3.6 with a good cooler. They are hard to come by now that they are all snatched up. If you toss in another 10 bucks or so, you can get a 965BE that is unlocked:


    But if your board doesn't support DDR3, the performance gain will be limited. Although you can always upgrade board later on.
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