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Hd5970 question

i just want to know how a 2gb hd5970 will hold out at a eyefinity resolution of 3840x1024 (about 1.8x the amount of pixels as 1080p) will hold out on newer games like bf3 and skyrim, i know that the 'effective' memory for the 5970 2gb is only 1gb (1gb per gpu) but i need to know if i will have enough memory if i do end up getting a 5970, as it destroys the competition in that price range (2nd hand)
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    5970's are fantastic ( i run 2 of them) but in eyefinity the lack of more then 1gb memory starts to become a problem.
    In some of the more higher detail games like BF3 you can do it, but it won't be at ultra settings in eyefinity and don't even think of turning on AA in eyefinity on these cards, it really kills the FPS
  2. thanks, that helps a lot :) do you think you could recommend a gpu for me? as you can see im really want power for playing games on high settings in eyefinity. i can see a 5970 4gb is out of the question as they are like $1000 and also not very common, if i can i would like performance similar to that of a hd4890 (at 1280x1024 and also what i have now) but at 3x the resolution
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