How can I watch youtube/netflix videos in HD with a new GPU?

This is the first time in my life that I ever upgraded anything in a computer. 2 months ago I bought a brand new p7-1110 hp desktop. i3, 6GB ram, 1GB hard drive, and intel hd 2000 integrated graphics. I didnt think that I was going to play games on my pc, but after discovering steam and its great lineup games I changed my mind. I played Portal 1 with no problems, but with portal 2 the game crashed after a short time it started. Even though the minimum requirements state that intel hd 2000 is compatible with that game, for me it wasnt working because the intel graphics driver I have installed was not the latest. I couldnt download the latest driver from the intel site because mine was hp customized, and hp dont have the latest version for download ( only the original ). Anyways, I posted a thread here asking for advice and thats the reason why I bought an asus hd radeon 6670 card with a new PSU antec earthwatts 380 ( mine was only 250W and that wasnt enough for the new card ). I struggled to upgrade the PSU and then the card, but finally did it. I installed the software with the drivers ( dont know about the "utilities" ), and restarted the computer. I went right away to see how portal 2 looked and in the video settings noticed that now I was using my native monitor resolution which is 1680x1050. Graphics have been dramatically improved, so Im glad it looks that way now.
Now ... about websites with hd video content ... what can I do to see in high definition? Im talking mainly about youtube with the option to change resolution to 720p and higher. Also about netflix and the hd videos they have. I tried to play some, and they certainly dont look hd. What do I have to do? Im using a dvi-d connection btw.
EDIT: I forgot to add that when I check my computers performance score it still remains 4.7. Its based on the "graphics" tab that say: "desktop performqance for windows aero". The other tab "gaming graphics" say: "3d business and gaming graphics performance" and its scored 5.8.
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  1. Enable gpu acceleration, look through the options....
  2. From where exactly do I do that? From windows 7 settings? From internet explorer settings? I tried googling it and I went to the advanced options to see if the "use software rendering instead of gpu rendering" box was checked but it wasnt.
    In the software that was installed with the graphic card ( called catalyst control center ), in the video quality settings there are options to tweak edge-enhancement,de-noise,mosquito noise reduction,de-blocking,enable dynamic contrast. Also on "video playback" I can turn on "apply current video quality settings to internet video" ... but after doing that, I didnt notice a difference in youtube 720p videos.

    EDIT: I already uploaded the drivers from the asus site to the most recent version.
    EDIT 2: The score of 4.8 was before I updated the database or something. Now it is 7.1
  3. I know netflix uses silverlight 4.0 or higher ( I have 5.0 ), and I even checked the "enable hardware-accelerated playback". Nothing happened.
    This must be a setting I have to tweak from the GPU itself right? How can I do that?! :(
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