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so all my parts came for my new rig and all excited i unboxed and assembled everything.. my case had to be rma so i set it up on some cardboard..when i finally got everything set up.. i had no video monitor light stayed orange as if no signal and gpu fan didnt even spin.. but all other fans started.. so after checking connections, clear cmos, and testing ram one stick at a time i contacted asrock tech support. they told me

Take your RAM out of your Mainboard as well as video card.

Then turn your mainboard on and you should heard 3 long beeps (if you heard them please turn it off)

Install your RAM and turn your mainboard on you should heard 8 long beeps(Without VGA card 8 long beeps

(if you heard them turn it off)

with everthying uninstalled i got the 3 long beeps that i was supposed to, so i installed my first stick of ram.. first i put it in the slot farthest from the cpu, and heard the same 3 long beeps but if i put it in any of the other memory slots i get 5 short beeps indicating "process error".. so i thought maybe that first memory slot was defective.. but if i set up dual channel with that slot i still get 3 beeps not 5... but if i move the ram into the other 2 slots i get 5 beeps.. i hvae no idea whats going on i dont believe the board is dead it is brand new. i also dont believe the processor is dead either, the cpu was refurbished which means it was deffinetly tested and working before they sent it out...

i have tried everything on the "no post checklist" ive also checked the whole forum and googled everything i could think of
i also took out psu and tested in another computer and it worked fine.
pleasee help and thank you in advance

i will only list what i have hooked up

motherboard- asrock 970 extreme3
cpu- amd phenom 2 x4 980BE (hyper 212 evo cooler)
ram- 8bg g.skill sniper @ 1333 (pc10666 2x4gb)
psu-rosewill 630w
gpu- radeon 8000 (pulled out of a computer i was using just a day before)
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  1. i think it may be ram compatability issue.. i cant find anyone who uses the same ram on me (i found some who use g.skill 1600 and 1866 sniper series but not the 1333) so im going to rma my ram and order some ram straight off the manufacturers compatibility list. if this doesnt work im gonna rma the motherboard...if THAT doesnt work..im throwing it in the trash...
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