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What does this corrupted display mean? Bad video card?

Hey everyone. I have looked, but haven't found a problem similar to this. It is a desktop running Vista, hooked up to a new 60" LCD TV via hdmi. The display started freaking out and the computer would only occasionally boot up. I pulled the video card and it worked in my other pc. Dusted everything of and threw it back in the original pc. worked for a month and then started acting up again. Now it wont boot at all. The attached picture is what I get on the screen. Does it seem like a video card or something else? Any help would be appreciated before I throw money at a new card.


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  1. What are your complete system specifications?
  2. Its my girlfriend's computer so, my knowledge is limited. its an HP pavillion m9000t running vista, with a 9800gt graphics card running. Sorry i dont have any more info.

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    Corrupted vga card memory is the most likely cause.

    You can take it apart and toss it in an oven for a home-brew reflow or buy a new part.
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