HTPC Build

Although I build my own systems including a HTPC, would like you thoughts.

Budget £400-£500.

All components from single UK supplier.

Wireless keyboard + mouse, has to be quiet, life of 5 years, 1080HD playback to 52in LCD TV HDMI, capable of WOW class of games non-IGP GPU, nice have capabilities of recording FreeviewHD.
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  1. I would go for an AMD APU build on ITX and passive cooling.

    Are you reusing parts?
  2. Thanks for replying, FM1 socket is a no go due to it reaching end of life soon.

    No reuse, brand new base unit build.
  3. If its an HTPC, it shouldn't matter if FM1 is end of life, are you ever really going to need to upgrade the CPU? That APU has way more power than it needs to play Blue-Ray quality, and play games on par with WOW's system requirements. Hell, in 2 years, DDR3 is going to be outdated But thats your call

    . If you were looking for a gaming desktop, then yea, the FM1 socket becoming retired would be a concern, (but at their current price it would be cheaper to ditch and rebuild in a few years than try to upgrade it if it weren't) HTPCs are HTPCs.

    You wanted our thoughts, I second Pyree's recommendation.
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