hey guys i really need your help, so i bought an H100 about a month ago and its been working sweet but today one of my fans on the rad(push/pull) were making noises so i unplugged it and then all the lights on the pump went out... all the fans are at max and i cannot adjust anything i tried resetting and i really dont want to rma because id prefer trying to fix it first but please try to help me fix this cuz i kinda stress out and freak out when something wrong happens :kaola:

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More about h100 pleasee
  1. You unplugged the fan whilst the system was still running?
    RMA and next time don't unplug anything before you turn the Pc off
    You'll be lucky if you haven't affected the mobo or anything else
  2. i knew it was stupid to do :pfff: thanks
  3. would there be anything i could try before i rma?
  4. Don't unplug ANYTHING from the motherboard when it is on.
  5. the fans were connected directly to the pump does that make any difference :(
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    Nope, it is always bad to unplug things when current is going through them
  7. ok thanks guys
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  9. Thanks for B.a. man, hope it goes well for you
  10. update: i booted up my computer today ready for an rma and the lights turned on and seems like its running properly again so should i still rma or see how it does as is
  11. See how it behaves, if all is normal then you should be fine, maybe it was just having a hissyfit, anymore signs of instablity or loud noises and rma it (assuming you are still inside RMA time)
    Thank you for B.a. man, fingers crossed for you :)
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