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I just bought a new graphic card (link), open the case, installed the card in the PCI Express slot, then I realized that the power cord was a Molex 4 pins like that:

but the only connections coming out of the PC power supply were SATA connections :fou: .

For now, I used a old PC which has Molex power connections, opened it up, put on the side of the other PC and connected the graphic card power supply to the old PC power supply, it looks ridiculous.

I see 2 options:
1. buy a power convertor like this one:

2. bring back the graphic card to the video store

Are there other reasonable options?

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  1. If your power supply does not have any PCIE plugs there is a good chance it doesn't have enough power anyway. I suggest a new power supply. BTW the link to the graphics card doesn't work for me. For better advice post what card you have and what power supply and what power it has on the 12V rail/rails.
  2. Agreed. There are few cases where using adapters are a good idea.
  3. Thanks for the feedbacks, here is the link to graphic card:

    Could I just cut the wires from the SATA connector and connect them to a Molex 4-pins female connector like this page suggests:
  4. I didn't read that page but you probably could. Again, I'm not a fan of using adapters. If the PSU can't output the power it can't output the power. There are only a few cases where I would use it.
  5. What power supply do you have?
  6. From memory, I have a 380 Watts PSU, according to the card specs:
    - A minimum 300W or greater system power supply (with a minimum 12V current rating of 22A)****
    - Max Power Consumption: 116 W
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