Upgrading my GPU, need help with set up

Hi, i am thinking of upgrading my GPU because the one i'm currently using is apparently not being able to support the games i'm playing smoothly, or rather it's really lagging badly.

These are my specs:
Motherboard: Asus p5q se plus
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Core 9550
Ram: 2 X 2gb DDR2 Kingston HyperX 800mhz
Current GPU: Gefore 9600GT
PSU: Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 550W

I'm thinking of upgrading to a better GPU, which can support games like Battlefield 3, or even the up-coming games like Diablo 3. But i have no idea where to start or what to get. I've read about GTX 560, GTX 580 but i think my PSU cannot support.

Please advice.
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  1. GTX 560 ti and overclock your CPU to get rid of bottlenecks. Good Luck.
  2. what do u mean by bottleneck???
  3. gtx 560 ti will be good in the middle of that two but the problem is that your cpu should bottleneck it and if u want a good gpu performance without any bottleneck you should overclock your cpu to get perfomance and i m not sure and cant say that psu can do all this so in my opinion hd 6850 or 6870 will be an good choice because they consume less power or it will be ok on stock i dont know much more thing about that cpu.:)
  4. Your CPU is a 4 year old CPU, and it will probably bottleneck (or not be able to catch up to with) the 560 ti. But not by much actually, It's high end at the time and you'd be OK with stock (sorry). Please apologize, This is what I'd write after noticing this: You should overclock your CPU a bit when you find bottlenecking.
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