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I recently got the hp dv6t 7000 quad edition (

And after about 3 days of use I realized that when I plug in my ATH AD7000 headphones that the sound level is adjusting to a constant level.

For instance if I turn up the volume slider all the way up in iTunes and then start playing a song everything is normal, but when i slide the iTunes slider down to a sliver next to being completely off at first the audio dips in the level of sound, but then returns to the same level! And when I start the song almost all the way down, first off it's pretty loud for being at 1-5% and second when I crank the slider all the way to 100% the volume goes up for a second, then returns to the same level of loudness (not the slider, the level of what I hear is what I'm talking about). But this isn't just iTunes, youtube and many other programs have this aswell. It's as if the volume sliders on programs have no effect!

I haven't noticed any abnormal changes in the audio levels (the numbers, but there must be a change of master volume or something somewhere that's keeping the audio level constant) of any program or control panel, yet it would seem like it would have to.

I'm asking this category because I honestly don't know where else to go for this weird problem and I think it has something to do with the Beats audio system and drivers that were installed on this laptop as I am also having issues with my Zalman external clip on mic (my friends tell me that I keep fading in and out like some spirit).

EDIT: I forgot to add but this problem only exists when I have the headphones plugged in, with my laptop speakers then the individual program volume sliders actually take effect.

And before anybody says it yes I set that windows call thingy in the sound control panel to "Do nothing"
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  1. Are you adjusting the volume with the windows volume control lacated on the task bar at the lower right of the screen?
  2. No, that volume stays at a constant level of 23, when I adjust the volume bars in programs (like the one built into iTunes and youtube) it's almost like they have no effect because the level of what I hear just comes back to a certain loudness.
  3. nobody has any help?
  4. I just opened the windows task bar sound panel and when I selected the mixer at the bottom of the panel it opened 3 additional panels and they were all tied to the first panel and you can adjust them seperatly also. There was a panel for programs and one for internet explorer , maybe you can play around with those panels to get something to work better for you.
  5. I know the mixer you are talking about, they are all at the same master level (23) and don't move, I move the volume bar in individual programs and at first it does change the volume in my headset however after about 5 seconds the volume goes back *when I say volume it's what I hear, not the slider level*.

    The audio driver is Beats audio, any issues known with that software?
  6. Volume leveling maybe? Check the sound devices audio settings to make sure there aren't any advanced options that are enabled.
  7. I looked in the advanced tab for my sound device and still found nothing among the lines of volume leveling or anything like that.

    Strangely enough when I play a TV show/movie in Netflix when I turn the volume slider down the volume actually lowers and stays low (like it should) yet for youtube and iTunes it's as if they have no effect.

    I think the problem might be with windows/drivers not recognizing any in ear or headphones I plug in. Like when I go to the sound devices from control panel after I plug in my headphones there's still only 1 option for playback.
  8. hmmm. netflix doesnt use flash video to stream and youtube does.
    What does itunes stream in?
  9. I don't think iTunes streams.
  10. UPDATE: I tried to adjust the volume settings in Terraria (windowed mode) and TF2 (Fullscreen mode) and still the same thing is happening, when I move the music slider from 100% to 5% at first it does get quiet, but it progressivly gets louder to the point of 15 seconds after turning it down in game the music sounds like it's at 100%.

    So it's definetly one driver/setting's fault, and judging how I don't have this problem on my other windows 7 (64 bit) desktop I'm 99% sure it's the drivers. Anybody know any solutions/alternatives for Beats audio drivers?

    Is it even possible to play music and do other things without an audio driver? Would using one of those plug in USB thing from Asus or Creative help my situation? (such as

    Does anybody know where a setting for automatic volume adjusting would be in Beats audio driver or windows?

    If anybody could provide personal experience for those USB plug in soundcards that would be great!
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