Would this computer be good?

Hello im thinking of buying this laptop from cyberpower (i know its pretty cheap) I like everything about it but i noticed it has a intergrated card (which i know they are really bad) so im thinking y not just upgrade the card but im not sure if i can.


Also i will be playing starcraft on it but im not sure if i can and can someone please give me a suggestion like what i should do
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  1. 9 times out of 10, you cannot change the video card in a laptop. They are made to order for the space of each particular laptop. If you could switch to a dedicated card, it would be an option there on the website.

    i got an Asus U46SV-DH51 14" LED Notebook - Intel Core i5 i5-2430M 2.40 GHz on amazon for $786 back in Dec. It has both the Intel Graphics 3000 and a dedicated card (NVidia 540M). i can play battlefield 3 on med settings just fine. So thats an option. just keep searching newegg and others for laptops under 1k with a video card. then monitor the price for a while and hit it when it drops....
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