Haswell Later or Ivy Bridge Now


I was wondering if I should wait for Haswell, or go for an Ivy Bridge system now.

What I currently do is game, light video rendering, lots of on-the-fly transcoding of fairly high bit rate 1080p mkvs, run FTP server, CAD programs, Photoshop, and hobbyist web development.

Currently what I have is a laptop running on an i5 430M (dual-core) + 120gb agility 3 ssd + 8gb ram + 5650M (this is what I use for most of the week)

On weekends I have access to a i5-750 desktop, 4gb ram (can consider upgrading there), ati 4890.

Based off these configurations, would you say that Haswell would be worthwhile waiting for, or should I go for my rig right now? On another note, should I go for a 2011 platform with a 6 core processor? I do a lot of multitasking, for my new system I'd probably get 32GB of ram, (I like to run virtual machines, also I want to use some as a ram disk, I also tend to keep 100+ tabs running at once.)

Overall, I have quite a lot of funds saved up $2000-$3000 range, and I plan to game at a 2560 x 1440 resolution. Do you think that Haswell will be a 35+% improvement over ivy bridge?

Thanks for reading my wall of text.
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  1. For the ivy cpu's i say no way you can read this in details:


    For Haswell i have no idea but i hope we will not end up removing the heat spreaders of any Intel new chip in the feature.
  2. Intel switched to a tic-tock pattern for development. Tic is a big improvemnt and tock is more of a refinement.
    Ivy was a tock, Haswell will be a tic.
    Wait for haswell.
  3. You already have enought for gaming/tasks so I think you should wait.
    Just remember, new technology always come up.
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