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Hi, Can the Nvidia GTS 450 video card run 2 30" Dell monitors? I have been unable to get them to max 2560 resolution. Any suggestions? Running Windows 7. Thanks.
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  1. Which card? As someone pointed out recently new cards often come with a single link DVI port. If so, you can't get to 2560x1600 resolution. (I'm also not sure if HDMI gets that high.)
  2. This is Nvidia GeoForce GTS-450 card. I have 2 DVI outputs. I can see the 2 monitors in the display control panel. The 2560x1600 resolution is at the top resolution. 1280 is what the system wants to default to. I was told in getting this card it would do the job. What would I need to do to get to that max resolution?
  3. Also, what I gathered from your reply is that I should try just one monitor. Maybe no card can run dual 30's right now.
  4. Which GTS450. Are you sure both DVI ports are dual link?
  5. GeoForce. I didn't know there was more than one of the 450's. All I can tell is that the computer has 2 DVI output hook ups, one to each 30".
  6. Brand? Model number? If any of those SVI ports is single link only, you can't use 2560x1600 on it. SL DVI is only good to about 1920x1200. Anything higher then that and you need DL DVI.
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