Intel core i7 3770k

Hi, im building a gaming computer and would love any feedback or suggestions.

i7 3770k, Asrock Fatality z77 Professional motherboard, GTX 670 overclocked 2GB, Corsair Vengeance CMZ 16GB 4x4 DDR3, Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SSD, Seagate 2TB HDD, LG Blu ray DVD drive, 750W Fatality Modular PSU.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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  1. A very nice rig you got there, but if its main purpose is just gaming, i think 16 GB is too much, also the CPU is too powerful in terms of gaming, your GPU is a beast so i can't tell you to spend the money on a better GPU :) if you can afford them its ok, if you want to save some money, lower your RAM, and i5-3570k will be plenty for gaming, it will also will let you overclock it whenever you feel you need more....
  2. Ok great, im still not sure whether to go with the i7 3770k or the i5 3570k. I know theres a 120$ saving on the i5 3570k but will the i7 help me in the future ?
  3. If you are doing something that get use of the hyperthreading technology then yes it will also if you will be doing serious intense multitasking , 4 threads vs 8 threads......if not...i doubt you really need the 3770k since you can always overclock the 3570k....there is nothing better or worse, it depends on your needs....
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