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Will a Gigabyte 6950 Fit in an Antec 300 Case?

I have found a lot of conflicting evidence of if it fits, or doesn't fit.

Anyone who has this card:

Inside of this case:

Please post pictures if ya got them, I'm sure we would all love to see this huge card in this mid size tower.

Thanks for any advice, or help!
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  1. it'll fit. Here's a thread talking about fitting a 6970 in an antec 300. If the 6970 will fit, a 6950 will.
  2. I have no Gigabyte 6950 nor Antec 300. But technically it should be fine.
  3. ohhhhhh, that gigabyte card is actually pretty darn long. It is a great card though. It's gonna be disappointing trying to get it into an Antec 300.

    I would consider this case for the same price. It is specially built for long video card support.
  4. Only problem with that is, im only upgrading not building from scratch. I love my antec 300 and really would hate to see it go
  5. Ok, well then :)

    You can make it work, but you will have to do a little custom work on the case. It'll just require cutting out a slot/space in the HD cage for the end of the card. That particular card is much longer than reference. You can grind/cut out the slot with a Dremel tool or something. Just be sure to remove everything from the case first....metal dust isn't good for electronics.

    In the details tab towards the bottom it says that the maximum video card length is 11" and the video card in question is 11.4" so that video card with this case does not fit. Case size 18.30"x8.10"x18.00"

    This one is the same size so the same video card won't fit.

    This Antec Three Hundred will fit video cards up to 12.5" so since there are three versions of the Antec Three Hundred you have to see which one you have.
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    The space neede is .4" and you may need to do some mod work and after looking at the pictuers of the inside of the case it would be rather easy to make the necessary cuts in the HDD rack to fit the card. You may only need to cut the back side of the HDD rack since the front is fairly close to the side panel.
  8. He linked the one had, the Antec 300. The Antec 300 Illusion uses the same forward mounting drive cage, which is why it also won't fit in that one. The Antec 300 two uses the side mounted drive cage, which is why it would probably fit inside of it. But the original Antec 300 case he has will require some cuts on the drive cage to fit that card.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys, Seems like it will be fairly easy to make it fit. I am okay with case mods having made my own window so i think ill be able to figure it out once it gets here!

    However i may just go with the MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III after comparing the two cards the tom's hardware community seems to agree on the MSI card. Which is also only 10.5 inches which will fit in my case without any cuts.
  10. Good luck with your modification.
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