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suggest a budget psu my budget is rs 1000
pro- intel core i5 3570k
mobo - gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
ram - 8 gb 1600mhz
gpu - amd radeon hd 6670
please help a good psu which is easily found in india
a psu that support my modem and printer also
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  1. in my understanding, modem and printer plug directly to power outlet.

    anyway, IMO, either corsair or seasonic with at least 500w would suffice.
  2. Hi there,

    Are u sure about the rs 1000 ? Its not enough. Requirement by the manufacture is 550W.

    U can get away with 450W, but that will have to be quality PSU.

    U can get only crappy PSU for that, it will be under powered possibly and dangerous for rest of the system.
  3. Mercury 450W Power Supply @ 475rs - on the budget, but I wouldn't trust it much.
  4. Maybe u can get away with this one for 2285rs.

    Gigabyte Superb 550W GE-P450P-C2 Power Supply
  5. ^ agree with Nikorr save a little more money never a good idea to skimp on your PSU consider it like the heart and you know what happens if that stops or dies
  6. Or maybe there is a cheaper website to shop in India.

    I don't really know these prices,

    but some guys here on Tom's are using that site : )
  7. corsair cx430 more then enough for a 6670 even for a 6850
  8. mercury company is good then i buy it
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    "mercury company"

    No good for gaming.
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