Is this setup good enough?

Hello. As the title says, I wanna ask a question about a PC I'll be getting. Here are ze specs :
Intel C2D E7500 / Q9400 (which one's better?) Processor
Intel G31PR Mobo
Radeon HD 6790 GPU
500w Antec PSU
160 GB Seagate HDD (its a bit old)
So will this bottleneck my GPU? If not, will it be able to run newer games like BF3, MW3 etc on high/ultra settings?
Please respond fast.
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  1. If possible get at least 4GB ram. 8 if possible.
    The Q9400 should be better then the C2D so I'd get it.
    I'm not sure about the ultra settings but you should be able to get some good fps without lowering settings too much
  2. hmmm...I see. But then why is this person here able to get ultra settings? his specs are almost same as mine. sorry for asking such questions. (im quite the noob in this stuff). can someone please tell me what is meant by 'over clocking'?
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  4. the 9400 is a better cpu than the 5700.

    however, other than the 6790, the specs are for a good machine from 2008. I would expect medium-to-high settings, but not ultra.
  5. Def need at least 4 gigs of ram. otherwise these are pretty low end components. I would not expect ultra in BF3. Maybe high but I doubt it. MW3 is different as its graphics are very very low end even on Max. What is your monitor resolution? that's the main issue.
  6. damn. i just now realized that the q9400 is WAY outta my budget. i saw the wrong price before :( now all i can look at is core2duo e6700 :( :(
    and ofcourse im gonna get 4 gigs of ram!!! so anyone know a good budget cpu? or maybe a cheap/not cheap combo of a good processor/mobo??? need help asap. and sorry for the super noob questions, but how do i determine the resolution of my monitor? i mean right now its 1280x960.
  7. IF you are building from scratch, an i3-2120, an H61 motherboard, and 4gb of ram is better than 2008 tech
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