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New Card!

Getting new pc. Want a monster GPU, am a AMD user and would like some advice on buying my new card. I dont have a price range, i always wanted the 6990 since its release but with the comming of new 7000 series i just dont know anymore.
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  1. Hi there! Welcome to the forums.

    First, please post your systems specs, budget, annd location. This will help us narrow down the choices.
  2. 7950 is a good card with a little overclock will fly.
    7970 is more expensive but it have more perfomance.
  3. Sosofm, you think 7970 is better than 6990 in terms of just overall performance? I notice that the 6990 is hard to find and its also more expensive.
  4. i would go with a 7950, it has enough horsepower but is about 200$ cheaper than the 7970 that everyone is going to recommend everywhere i go........Wut????????

    Well the 6970 is a good card and its around the price of a GTX 570.
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    Hi Aubrey,

    The 6990 is generally more powerful than the 7970. It is a dual-GPU card so it relies on CrossFire to perform well. The 6990 is still AMD's single most powerful card but they are very limited in supply and expensive.

    The 7950 looks like the better high-end value. They sell for $460 on Newegg USA vs. $550 for the 7970. If you are interested, a 7950 with a good overclock comes pretty close to a 7970 at stock clocks. Check out:,3123.html

    Rockdpm - I see a 7970 for $550. Where are you getting the $200 difference from?
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