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GIGABYTE GV-R695OC-1GD 6950 VS MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III 6950

Both cards are the same price, what is the difference? I have a smaller case, so a smaller card would be much easier to deal with. Just looking for a good card to last a few years, 240 bucks is the limit.

Gigabyte 6950 :

MSI 6950 :

Thanks for any help or advice!
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  1. Either one will work. The Twin Frozr III gets my pick for sure though.
  2. I just two words for you Twin Frozr. Black PCB and better ratting and widely used more than Gigabytes. Did i say i like the Black PCB?
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    Twin frozer II is better as other says, but the gigabyte one is a bit faster at factory speeds since the gigabyte one is factory overclocked. But you don't worry about this since the Twin frozer II should run cooler, quieter and has a bigger overclocking headroom if there are no problem (don't worry, MSI cards are known brand and famous). The MSI is also better because it's about 2cm shorter. So go for it mate, MSI is your best bet :D.

    Really, I'm impressed on how MSI has put up a nice place now. When Tomshardware showed this card, they said it was $260. Now it's $240 and it's really the best I think for a 1GB 6950 now...
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