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Hi, I have a question about how to expand on the current in house network. Currently living as in home healthcare giver for my father. He has a 4 port Linksys router set up that Him, and my step mother hook up to, we have a cable ran under the house to supply my room with internet from the main router. I just got a secondary pc and my father doesn't want me to do ANTYHING to mod the way his router is set up. My question is thus, Taking the Ethernet cable that comes out of the floor back here will I need a router, hub or a switch to be able to just hook the thing up to my main cable and split it off to 2 new Ethernet cords (1 to each of my pcs) and not have to go into his main router and modify any settings. If for some reason I'm not being clear I will be happy to draw up a small diagram of what we have going on. Going wireless isn't an option as the main router is not wireless so I've never bothered to buy any wireless cards. If we had wireless this would be so much easier but I can't convince him to convert. Thank you in advance for any help.
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    A switch would be the easiest method -- Something like this Netgear switch for $30 after MIR -- then just attach your current cable into the one of the ports and the 2 cables going to your systems into 2 others -- very simple install and will work fine for your situation -- also could probably get by with a cheaper switch like this one for $10 After MIR but since it only supports 100Mbps and not 1000 it may cause the rest of the network to slowdown if it is setup for 1000Mbps on the rest of the line (check what the current connection speed is on your system and if it is only 100Mbps then you can just get the cheaper switch -- to check look under Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - and under the Network section for Connection click on view status and then at speed under the pop up box that opens as shown below) We have a similar setup with 4 systems 2 on one end of the house and 2 others connected to one of the $10 100Mbps switches on the other side of the house and it works fine (100 Mbps speed is plenty for a small home network but if your Father's setup is set for 1000Mbps best to get a slightly more expensive switch that supports 1000Mbps to avoid getting him upset if he notices the change but no need to spend the extra $ if the setup is already only 100Mbps ! )

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  3. Awesome thanks for the help.
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