Which one has better graphics?

Hi, which one has better graphics? PS3 / Xbox / pc
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  1. The graphics you get on a PC depends on how good it is, but in most cases it will have superior graphics.

    The PS3 will sometimes offer better graphics than the 360.
  2. PS3 and Xbox are similar, xbox will have better blacks, the PS3 will be a little more powerful because of the cell CPU, also depends what games you play.



    PCs will vary from different hardware, consoles are like budget gaming systems in a way.
  3. pc about 10years ahead of console.
  4. A current mid-range gaming PC (like mine, for example) is light years ahead of current consoles...
  5. If you already have a decent computer, like DJDeCiBeL, you can play most games really good.

    but if you have an older computer which upgrading would go beyond 400$, then I'd almost recommend getting a console.
  6. You can build a new computer for around 400 which would have better graphics than the consoles.
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