[Need genius advice] No output from Graphics card

hello all

[Need genius advice] No output from Graphics card

few day ago suddenly my monitor not received out put from graphic card, and tried everything like bios set but i still did not get out put. But i can received on board video out put .
After that i brought my computer to computer repair shop, and after them check everything, they told i have a problem in motherboard , and i need to change my mother board. i still have warranty , so i send my motherboard to ASUS company .

"And today i got a call from them, an they told to me my motherboard it's ok, and working fine here. So we will send back your motherboard "

"I want ask here, what's a problem with my CPU" ?

My graphics card also working properly on other computer, can you give me any answer abut my computer problem,

thank you in advance
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  1. What are the specifications for this system (make/model numbers of all components)?

    Also, just before this issue happened, what changed?
  2. COLGeek said:
    What are the specifications for this system (make/model numbers of all components)?

    Also, just before this issue happened, what changed?

    my system

    1 amd phenom 8450 proceessor

    2. asus mother board

    3.2gb ddr2 ram

    4.pci card geforce

    i did not changed anything before this issue happened
  3. Make sure the card is in the PCI express slot good. ALso if that still doesn't work. Plug the display into the motherboard and then in windows update the driver and even see if the card is detected in device manager. if it is not even detected then the card is faulty.
  4. We need more specific specs, there are a lot of motherboards and ALL the GeForce cards are PCI, the specific graphics card is EXTREMELY important here.
  5. i am using sparkle geforce 9500 gt 1gb.

    i tested this card on other pc and working properly.and i tried other card on my pc same result no out put.

  6. We need to know what make/model of power supply you are using as well. Specifics are needed.
  7. Today i received my motherboard. and i brought my motherboard to computer reaper. and after install motherboard than we try to on and guess what its working perfect.

    Computer reaper told me they flash your motherboard.
  8. Thank you for all.
  9. guys today again i got same problem . plz. help me

    no output from vga card
  10. sounds like a card issue imo. your power supply isn't really gonna come into play with that setup. assuming there is no massive raid arrays, he could get away with a handcrank on the back. if the other rig is easily available to you i would use it for a while and stress the hell out of your card and see if you dont get the same issue. or conversely you can buy a comparable card for 20-30USD and use that in ur asus mobo and see what happens.

    edit: i mean lack of power isn't likely to be a factor, the psu could be faulty.
  11. i tried other smpc to still no output. my graphics card working good on other pc
  12. What make and model of power supply are you using? If the motherboard is good and the video card is good and the monitor/display is good, then the power supply is the next thing to check.

    Try swapping the power supply with another known, good system to see if that fixes the problem. If so, then it is time for a new power supply.
  13. Also, make sure your BIOS is configured to use your 9500GT as the default video device. It may be listed as PEG or PCIe graphics. Definitely not your internal video device.
  14. i checked other power supply to still no change.
    what i did.

    i clean my all PC with brush .

    reset my bios.
    i checked my Graphics card on other pc its working properly.
    i try other power supply to still no output.
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