Fractal Design R3 fan filter replacement...

Getting my new build dialed in and am now striking a decent balance between cooling and noise.
Those that own the Fractal R3 case which gets great reviews knows the front fan filter...front of the case has two fans behind a swinging door...requires removing 4 screws for deep cleaning which is kind of a PITA. Silverstone sells magnetic fan filters that pretty much just stick on and wonder if anybody has tried something like this for the Fractal R3 case?
Not sure if they fit in this application or if there is another user friendly front fan filter that works for this case? I guess I could fashion up some velcro pads to attach the currect fan filter to negate need for screws. Typically what I do is simply take suction to the outside of the filter to purge dust and don't remove it...but of course some dust still attaches to the backside of the screen filter.

Any suggestions?
Many thanks.

PS: the bottom 140mm filter for the power supply just slides out and is simple and effective to clean so no real problem there.
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  1. Try to find pictures or measurements. Magnetic should probably work, as it just sticks.
    A small modification might be required. But I would just go ahead and try.
  2. Thanks LP. Was looking for shared experiences with this popular case but but none so far. I will figure it out. As you say...remove filter, simple measurement and see if there is metal surface flange overlap with the embedded Silverstone magnets...these filters being available in 120 and 140mm which dimensionally are square and measure to these dimensions. If the Silverstone filters don't dimensionlly agree I will likely use Velcro...either standard or industrial grade to latch stock filters in place. I just don't want to use a screwdriver to remove a filter...a design oversight...or a cost savings measure my Fractal on an otherwise excellent case.
  3. I have the same R3.
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