LGA 1336 v 1156/1155

so whats the difference, whats better, ect. ect.
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  1. Both LGA 1336 and 1156 are old sockets and they only support 1st gen intel core chips. so they have NO future upgrade path . :(

    The LGA 1155 on the other hand supports all SB and IB chips (2nd and 3rd gen Core series). This is the way to go if u are planning on buying a new system :)
  2. Go for the LGA 1155 socket if you're buying a new system in the near future.

    You may want to wait for Haswell if you don't plan on buying before some months into 2013.
  3. You don't want to go 1336 matey as its an older enthusiast socket that has no upgrade path. I currently use that socket and despite my processor (see sig) still handling anything I throw at it when I upgrade its going to mean I have to replace motherboard, memory and processor. The 1156 / 1155 are not the upgrade to the 1336 but run faster and are very good overclockers. 1336 upgrade / replacement is the 2011 with Sandy Bridge E processors.

    They all have good processors attached to them but to go 1336 now would be a bit of a waste and possibly difficult to find a wide selection of parts.
  4. ok because i have a dell studio with a I7 1st gen 1336 i guess i just wanted to know if it was anything special from what i know most of the 1336 are server type socket such as exon
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