Video card crashes during gameplay

5850xtreme. Event 7000 AODDriver4.01 failed to start. Everything i have read online points to amd overdrive. I do not have it installed on my computer. Only the video driver is installed. This is on startup and also the same error when i crash. Have the latest driver. It was doing this also with the previous driver. When i pull up the command prompt and check to see what the problem is, the problem id is 3, which means windows failed to locate the service. Now about 2 months ago the gpu fan crapped out on me. It took me about a week to figure it out that it was running really slow and hot doh! Anyways i was sent a new fan from sapphire in about 5 days. I'm wondering if i might have fried the gpu when it was overheating like that. Did memtest on the system ram all is ok there. heres my system.

GA-970A-UD3 am3+ mb
965be@4014; 18x223mhz 1.475v with vdroop it goes to 1.488v when gaming
hyper212+ p/p 53c max under load
8gb/4x2 Adata@1486mhz
msi hybrid tv tuner+fm
Antec 600 case
Antec earthwatts 750w
Asus cd\\dvd burner
Caviar Blue 500gb hddx2
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  1. First, can you tell what is the temperature of your Graphic Card under load?

    Also, If you installed the drivers from the installation disk, uninstall them and install the drivers from AMD. And yes, AODDriver is for AMD Overdrive, when you installed the drivers, did you install AOD by accident? Or did the drivers need AOD while you uninstalled it?

    Hope it helps! :)
  2. At load it is around 60c. Yes the driver is from the amd site as was the previous driver. Did a fresh OS install a few weeks back and at no time did i install amd overdrive. As far as needing it to uninstall the old driver i guess that it is possible though i have no idea why this would be so. I am thinking however that i will install the entire CCC which does have AOD Overdrive and see what happens. Now when the fan went out a couple of months ago the temps where reaching into the 80c range. It was doing that for about a week until i pulled it and put in my old 9800pro which i have as a backup just in case. When i installed the new fan onto the card the temps went back down
  3. uninstall all old amd driver and get the new one 12.1
  4. Did that 12.1 install yesterday. Still crashed today twice. I even undid my overclock on my cpu thinking maybe somehow it had become unstable. Did memtest too. I did however install the complete CCC about 3 hours ago and so far no crash while playing bfbc2. Sometimes though, it will go for a couple of days before i get another crash. I think you may have been right about the AODDriver4.01 being installed even though i didn't previously install the complete CCC earlier because i found reference to it in my regeditor. I'm still kind of wondering if the few days a couple months back when the gpu was getting all that heat if it may have messed up the card. I live on a disability check and its almost payday maybe i will buy a 6870 and then another one next month. always wanted to try crossfire. This could be the time to do it. It is starting to get frustrating. Messing with this. It was all going so smoothly for a while. Oh well.
  5. keep a eye on the temp right after playing a game so that could prevent futur issue happy gaming and computing for you
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