Buying a 7870 or 7850, trying not to bottleneck

Hey there all!

I am currently in the process of building my first gaming rig. As far as my GPU goes, I should be getting a 7870 or 7850, depending on if anything goes on sale within the next few days.

My worry is that I may end up bottlenecking with a CPU. I was looking at newegg's combo deals for cpus and mobos. While I feel like I have a general idea of what I need, I'm a little lost as to knowing what may or may not bottleneck my CPU.

Specifically I was looking at this combo deal:

While this is somewhere in the mid-range of my budget, I wouldn't mind if I could spend a bit less or not, but I don't want to bottleneck my gpu so this is why I come to you guys! Thanks in advance for any answers, your help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. why are you looking at mi ni-itx motherboards? You are paying a hefty price for the small size. Not to mention that it is a biostar, which is just yech.
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    For a little more CPU performance try a combo with I3 2120, the 0.2GHz increase is worth it since neither overclocks.
  3. As I said, my first gaming rig, so I'm still a bit uninformed.

    Would something like this combo deal be better?

    Keep in mind that I guess I don't really need to use a combo deal, I just feel that likely it's going to be cheaper if I did do a combo.
  4. It is a better board!
  5. My main concern is the CPU to make sure I don't limit the power of my GPU, since my GPU is a fairly good one. I"m assuming most of these would be fine for my GPU to operate at full capacity since nothing has been said.
  6. The I3 will keep up with those cards.
  7. Great to hear! I'll probably pick up the i3-2120 and then a compatible mobo within the next few days.

    Thanks for the help everyone.
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