5c Idle on CPU, How can i test this to be correct?

I just installed my new A8 3870K (very impressed with how it's performing overall) and like most i got some temp testers such as Core Temp and what i found amazed me and is making me think, this can't be right at all.

Min: 4c
Average: 5c
Max: 28c (included normal activity, Google Chrome, Steam, few chats and so on)

(Still t run gaming tests, just need to download a game first)


So as you can see, no Bullshit but like anything it could be an error but i was expecting at least 30c+ with this CPU/APU (on boar GPU is not been used so this may decrease the APU temps?)

Also these are the only changes i've made.

Turned one of my Heatsink fans around, so one blows air into the cooler and the other spits air put of the cooler (Had it spitting air into the Cooler before) and the heat exits the case at the top were another 200mm fan is also located pushing air out.

Secondly, this is a brand new Motherboard and APU, just put together today with a lot of hardship. CPU Cooler is a Thor Hammer and i used a highly recommend Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound.

System Sepcs:

Case: CoolMaster HAF X
GPU: HD6970 OC'd (38c)
APU: Already said
Cooler: Thor Hammer
PSU: XFX Black Edition 850Watt

And about 7 fans, 3 * 120mm - 2 x 200mm, 1 * 230mm, 1 * 140mm

If these temps are correct, on Air as well, should such low temps be somewhat concerned about?
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  1. download hwmonitor for temps
  2. Getting same temps with that too.
  3. What does the BIOS say?

    In any case, I'd say just add ~20-25C to your temps to get close to the REAL temps.
  4. Unless you are using some form of below-ambient cooling (TEC, phase-change, cryogenic, ice box liquid loop, etc) or have a room temperature below freezing, 4C CPU temperature in a 15-35C room is physically impossible.

    Either your monitoring software is misreading the temperature or the CPU's thermal sensors are misreporting it. If all monitoring software report the same impossibly low temperature then the problem lies with the sensors or their support circuitry.
  5. I checked the bio;s and it says 35c so im putting it down to faulty software not reading the correct temps, as i've worked with computers for 10 years and have never seen such low temps and air cooling so yeah i think its thats easily. I checked the BIOS before but it was at the start so i never really took notice until again.

    I hope some software fixes this soon though as i want to start experimenting with the APU as soon as possible.
  6. Physics 101: If you are cooling your CPU with air, then the minimum temperature of the CPU is the temperature of the air.
    And that assume you somehow achieve 100% thermal efficiency.
    Sorry bud, your temps are wrong, unless you happen to live in Alaska and chill your PC with outside air.
    Try SIW. http://www.gtopala.com/
  7. Well evidently you didn't read the post above were i found out that the temps were no where near correct as i knew such low temps were in my arae impossible on air cooling especialy with these APU's that are know to run hotter than CPU's due to the way they are designed (All cores are at the left instead of the center)

    The link provided still gives me the unrealistic temps, but i use TMP01 temps, they seem to be the closes. From that i've overclocked the APU from 3.0Ghz to 3.6Ghz. Whilst it's performing great i still miss my Phenom II 965BE though the APU appears to be out performing it i think the APU's are still heavily un-optimized, though that could just be me.
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