Safe temperature for idle GPU/ HP Pavillion DV6500

Hello, my HP Pavillion DV6500 had a problem starting up! After research on line I learned it was a very common over-heating problem with the NVidea Gpu. I Bought something called a Copper Shim for the GPU costing £5.00! You have to strip down the laptop (Videos of how on youtube) and clean out the fan. Remove the fan and heatsink and clean the CPU and GPU of the old thermal grease. Remove the pad on the GPU heatsink and clean. Reapply thermal paste to the CPU and GPU. Apply paste to the Copper Shim, both sides. Reassemble laptop and you should notice much improved temperatures from the CPU and the GPU. Down from average 65 deg to 48 deg. Hope this helps.
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  1. Yeah I did it with mine too ... Max Temps Ive seen it was 66C .. At Idle goes down to 46-50 .. :) I don't hear the fan go crazy like it used to be before ... :non:
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