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hey guys i bought a corsair 700watts i played a couple rounds and i just hooked it up and the fan on the power supply runs and then stops is this normal? i was wondering if it will start back up on it's own? i don't want to burn it up.....
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  1. so are you saying that the psu fan randomly shuts off while the psu is still on? What model corsair psu did you buy?

    edit: if its this PSU

    then you are fine....if you read the description on the web page it says the fan doesnt spin up until it is the fan will turn off periodically when there is a low load on the psu and its running cool
  2. sorry its a gs 700
  3. read above post for edit
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    Load up the system and watch the fan to see if it starts spinning, if it does and continues to spin for a bit after you stop load testing the system then it is properly temperature controlled. My X-750 does the same thing which is quite nice because at idle it doesn't need to spin at all.
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