I3 or FX-4100

Putting together a budget gaming build that will run most of today's games on high or ultra- getting a 6870, but what cpu should i get the I3 or the FX-4100?
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  1. The i3 is my recommendation, but the 4100 CAN be OC'd to respectability (for gaming purposes, anyway).
  2. You should go for the FX- 4170 which is quite good for gaming; but, you haven't mentioned which i3 processor you're considering..
  3. http://compare-processors.com/amd-fx-4100-vs-core-i3-2120/2446/
    Most gamers use a separate video card, but amd's onboard video is a plus. I would do your own research and compare motherboards also.
  4. both are fine, the advantages that the fx chip has is openess to overclock, the i3 will have a severe architecture advantage tough. But the funny thing is on a side note, you are making this purchase almost right before the probable release of the ivy bridge i3 chips, and soon folloing the FX Piledriver chips later on in the year, which will add more variety in this price range.
  5. i use 6850 card on diffrent cpu
    phenom2 .965@3.4
    i3 2120@3.3
    i5 3570k
    i only realy played bf3 on get it on high. the worst out of the 3 of them was the i3.
  6. With that card the i3 will only out perform in single threaded apps and will use less power so as its for gaming I'd say go with the fx purely for the OC, its the only bulldozer thats worth its money IMO. You should wait for the 3rd gen i3 but going by the rest of the ivys itll be harder to OC than sandy, it will be intresting to see what approach amd takes with piledriver too.
  7. you should try finding a phenom 2 x4 980 mobo for future proofing which is better than afx 4100 and overclocks nicely too
  8. I would definitly go with the I3. What is your budget if you can afford it I would go up the next step and look at an I5.
  9. how much is your budget?

    when i was getting my pc it was 90 or so for core i3

    or 140 for core i5 2400

    if you give us an idea of budget we can look for a good deal for you
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